The Sun Conure is native to South America, specifically Venezuela, Northern Brazil and Guyana.


Sun Conures are strikingly beautiful with a personality to match. Their beauty and playfulness make the Sun Conure a much-loved pet. They are active and very social. In nature, they live in large flocks that provide companionship, and protection. The flock is essential for the well-being of the bird. Therefore, when you take your new friend home, you will be his flock, his only companion, and protector.

Sun Conures aren’t known to be good talkers, but they can be very good at imitating sounds and performing tricks. Because they are so active, a large cage and a lot of toys are a must for these playful little birds. They love toys that are easy to chew and toys that make noise. They also love to climb, hang, and swing.

The Sun Conure's diet consists of a variety of seeds, fresh vegetables, and fruit. They are known to soak their food, toys and even themselves in their water bowls.

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